PMSA Wraps Up Another Busy Year

2015 has been a very successful year for PMSA!

The 2015 PMSA Annual Conference was held for the first time in Washington, DC, and attracted the highest number of attendees of any PMSA event in the past five years.

PMSA launched two educational webinar series with two of our vendor partners, Symphony and Axtria. The response to both webinar series was extremely positive, and PMSA is planning more educational opportunities for 2016. You can access archived recordings of the 2015 webinars at

The third issue of the PMSA Journal was released in March 2015. Look for the next issue coming soon in early 2016.

The 2016 Call for Abstracts received a record number of submissions. We will release the 2016 agenda in early January 2016, so stay tuned for that! 

Our PMSA LinkedIn Group reached over 1000 members. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to network with your colleagues in the industry.

2015 also saw the emergence of the CUPID (Common Universal Patient de-IDentifier) initiative. PMSA introduced this initiative at the 2015 conference, and has since had meetings with data vendors and government representatives. More meetings are being planned for 2016. Read more about CUPID in the PMSA op-ed in Pharmaceutical Commerce.

2016 will see more progress on our CUPID efforts, more expanded educational opportunities, and what may turn out to be our highest attended conference yet. I hope to see everyone in Las Vegas!


David Purdie
PMSA President
Each edition of PMSA Notes will include a spotlight on a noteworthy PMSA member. Our second Member Spotlight focuses on PMSA Board member Nuray Yurt, Heron Therapeutics. Nuray joined the PMSA Board in 2015 and has been working on the program for the 2016 Annual Conference. We asked her a few questions about her history in the industry, and her thoughts on the future.

PMSA: How many years have you been in the industry?
Nuray Yurt: I have been in the industry for almost 10 years. Prior to that, I spent five years in academia, specializing in health economics.

PMSA: What attracted you to the field?
NY: After moving to New Jersey for family reasons (New Jersey being the capital for pharma), and with much of my academic work being related to pharma, I joined the industry.

PMSA: How did you first hear about PMSA?
NY: I joined the industry through MarketRx, an analytics consulting company which later became part of Cognizant. I learned about PMSA during my time there.

PMSA: What are you goals for serving on the PMSA Board?
NY: Vendors and Manufacturers are partners. One must do well for the other to succeed. Successful vendor and manufacturer matching is important, and I think PMSA creates the environment for this. Vendors explore the issues that manufacturers are facing, and can therefore develop faster solutions. Manufacturers explore different thinking based on everyone’s experiences. This creates efficiency in the analytics space.

PMSA: Please describe any current projects you are excited about.
NY: The PMSA webinar series and the CUPID initiative are both exciting. Webinars are a very valuable learning tool in this fast-changing space. CUPID will exponentially increase the value of all the data out there, for everyone.

PMSA: Do you have any predictions for the future?
NY: Well, as an analyst it wouldn’t be right if I said no. We have to learn from history and predict the future. Given the growing volume of data, information, insights and analytics, I think PMSA will become more important for manufacturers to keep up with trends and for vendors to create solution-based offerings.

PMSA: What are your hobbies?
NY: I am a very social person. I like to mentor college students from different walks of life, mostly international young women. I spend a lot of time giving speeches to help support their adoption to the United States and their path to success. On top of this, I have three kids with busy lives, so driving is a mandated hobby.

PMSA: We are sure that your mentees are in good hands. Thanks, Nuray!

The mission of the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association not-for-profit organization is to efficiently meet society's pharmaceutical needs through the use of management science. The key points in achieving this mission are:

  • Raise awareness and promote use of Management Science in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Foster sharing of ideas, challenges, and learning to increase overall level of knowledge and skill in this area
  • Provide a training opportunity to ensure continual growth with Pharmaceutical Management Science
  • Encourage interaction and networking among peers in this area
  • Create an opportunity for reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation for members and guests.

We accomplish this mission by convoking an Annual Conference of our membership.

Please forward any concerns involving the conference or your membership to our PMSA Board who can help you.