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Efficient Roster Management – Tactical Approaches for Sales Operations Leaders

In this webinar series presented by PMSA and Axtria, the speakers will discuss the importance of an efficient roster management system to run successful sales operations processes. All aspects of commercial operations, from sales force sizing, alignments, call planning, to incentives, are deeply data driven analytical processes that need to strongly align with the commercial strategy of the sales team.

This webinar series will also discuss key success criteria to execute a successful roster management transformation. Such a transformation requires equal participation from Sales Operations, HR and Technology partners. However, long term success relies on strong leadership and collective organization culture to adjust and standardize processes to keep up with evolving business challenges.

Session One: The Importance of an Efficient, Effective and Integrated Roster Management Process
Presenters: Nandana Kondur, Associate Director, Axtria; Anuj Mahajan, Associate Director, Axtria; Dhiren Patel, Principal, Axtria; and Gaurav Sharma, Senior Director, Axtria

In this session, speakers will discuss the following topics:
  1. A brief introduction to Roster Management for Pharma and its unique value proposition to improve Sales Ops efficiency
  2. Why pharma operations needs to embrace roster management transformation:
    1. Incentive compensation eligibility relies on updated roster information.
    2. Territory alignments take rep location as a key input for balanced, well designed territories.
    3. Personnel changes, to plan for backfills, or take any other decisions for the territory
    4. Fleet, sampling, legal, and training systems all rely on latest rosters to plan for their respective processes.
  3. Key challenges faced by Sales Operations leaders in absence of a roster management system:
    1. Manual, Excel-based maintenance of roster data is time consuming, complex and error prone.
    2. Employee assignment changes all the time and often sales operations is in reactive mode to such changes.
    3. Reliance on HR system to maintain employee assignment data.
  4. A discussion of the ultimate goals of undertaking a roster management transformation and what successful implementations look like
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Session Two: Integrating Roster Management with HR, Alignments and Incentive Compensation Systems
Wednesday, June 27, 2018   |   12:00 PM ET
Presenters: Nandana Kondur, Associate Director, Axtria; Anuj Mahajan, Associate Director, Axtria; Dhiren Patel, Principal, Axtria; and Gaurav Sharma, Senior Director, Axtria

In this session, presenters will discuss the following:
  1. Key aspects of integrating roster management with an HR system and interpreting HR data for important roster events
  2. Potential use of roster system for downstream processes, including rep licensing, credentials and sampling eligibility
  3. Inclusion of key stakeholder; apart from sales operations, including HR, technology business partners are extremely critical for a successful transformation and adoption of roster management processes
  4. Utilizing technology enablers to achieve efficient, automated roster operations with access to historical rosters for an employee or a team
  5. Adoption of "To be process" – like any other change, organizational culture needs to adapt to the new processes for roster management
  6. Case Study – Successful roster operations transformation for a pharma organization
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Session Three: Transforming the Roster Management Process to Analytically Evaluate Territory Vacancies
Wednesday, July 11, 2018   |   12:00 PM ET
Presenters: Nandana Kondur, Associate Director, Axtria; Anuj Mahajan, Associate Director, Axtria; Dhiren Patel, Principal, Axtria; and Gaurav Sharma, Senior Director, Axtria

An effective Roster Management Module seamlessly integrates with upstream, downstream systems and provides an intuitive interface to home office and field to manage vacancies. A true transformation occurs when people, processes and technology are combined to help effectively manage vacancies for sales teams and bring tangible cost savings.

How often have we seen a regional manager asking for a territory to be backfilled? While home office/HR can help the manager to backfill vacancies, an ideal process should also be able to evaluate:
  1. Which territories should be backfilled first, out of all vacant territories?
  2. Is there a need to backfill all vacant territories OR can they be collapsed?
  3. What analytical framework is best suited to answer the above two questions?
Unless sales leaders and home office ask these strategic questions, they will be missing out on prioritizing territories that need to be filled. We have seen many pharma companies conducting exercises to evaluate geographies. In this session we will discuss:
  1. Elevating roster management into a strategic tool to effectively manage vacancies
  2. An analytical framework to successfully evaluate vacant geographies
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Presenter Bios

Nandana Kondur, Associate Director, Axtria, brings in 10+ years of professional experience, working in the areas of Commercial Operations, Alignments and roster management, Business Process Management and Re-engineering, Software Application Development and IT consulting. She has worked with global clients across industries including Pharma, Healthcare, Insurance and Banking.

At Axtria, she has been involved in the deployment of Axtria SalesIQ products specifically Alignment maintenance, Roster management and affiliation management, interacting closely with stakeholders across the board such as Sales operations, Incentive Comp, Brand marketing teams, Market access services, and IT teams.

Nandana graduated with an MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business, Canada, and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from India.

Anuj Mahajan, Senior Manager, Axtria, has more than 7 years of experience in Life sciences and analytics. During this time, he has worked as a consultant for sales operations and meeting planning functions with focus on bringing process efficiencies by the way of innovative technology transformations.

Anuj graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management From Management Development Institute in India. He also holds a Computer Science and Engineering degree from India.

Dhiren Patel, Principal, Axtria, has more than 15 years of experiences in analytics. He is responsible for solutions and go to market activities for the retail and consumer goods industry verticals, as well as responsible for building a horizontal data science team.

Previously, Dhiren was part of Cognizant's analytics practice responsible for taking analytics services in the area of customer and operations to multiple industry verticals. He built a data science based business analytics capability for horizontal problem solving and scaled business to $18 MM in revenue run rate in 16 months.

He founded and led Cognizant Capital, an internal venture capital business unit. Worked with the CEO and the entire senior management team of Cognizant directly to identify, evaluate, fund and oversee business plans for Cognizant's non-linear revenue objectives.

Dhiren is an MBA in Finance and General Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He completed his BE in Electronics and Communications from Gujarat University.

Gaurav Sharma, Senior Director, Axtri has 12+ years of experience in helping customers make data-driven decisions, with specific expertise in successfully delivering global enterprise-grade analytics projects. He is also proficient with sales and marketing analytics across multiple industry verticals including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail and Hi-tech.

He has a demonstrated track record of creating and delivering multiple industry-leading solutions in the areas of Sales Force Alignment, Targeting, Compensation and Reporting.

Before joining Axtria, Gaurav was with Cognizant, a technology and consulting company, where he held multiple leadership roles for products/solutions and customer engagement.

Gaurav has a M.S. in Computer Science from The City College of New York.