2019 Poster Presentations

An All-Encompassing Machine-Learning Attribution Model to Plan, Predict and Measure Impact at the Channel and HCP Level

Mark Ortlepp, IQVIA
Brian Schulz, IQVIA

Big Data, Small Conditions: Challenges and Insights From Digital Measurement of Rare Condition Campaigns

Martin Reznick, Senior Manager, Analytics Services, Crossix

Delighting Customers with Automated Content Personalization

Tarun Mathur, Indegene

Determining Incidence for the First Time in a Growing Market with Limited Epidemiological Data

Varsha Damle, Director, Global Commercial Operations, Aimmune Therapeutics, Inc.

Dynamically Improving NLP & Theme Discovery Through Contextual Linguistics for Pharma


How Can a Combination of Trial Subject-Level Data and Real World Data Improve Clinical Trial Design?

Michel Denarie, Sr Principal, IQVIA

How Payment Delays Can Affect Brand Marketing at Launch

Ashish Patel, Product Lead, CareSet Systems
Nilay Shastri, Field Operations Manager, Genentech

Intersection of Accountable Care Organizations and Pharmaceuticals

Fred Trotter, CTO, CareSet
Mike Barrett, Founder, Cura Health Management

Is Data Fabric the Future for Data Lakes?

Ashish Sharma, Principal, Axtria
Rajesh Choudhary, Associate Director, Axtria

A Machine Learning Approach to Customer Acquisition

Rishi Shrivastava, Senior Manager, Decision Sciences, Axtria Inc.
Brian Gibbs, PhD, Principal, Axtria Inc.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Perspective: Lessons Learned in Using Connected Patient Level Data to Optimize Mass Media DTC Campaign Performance

Adam Dubrow, Director, Advanced Analytics, Crossix

Oncology Local Market Influencer Analytics

Shiraz Hasan, Vice President, Precision Xtract

Proactive Brand Performance Analytics

Dave Mahagnoul, SF Insights & Analytics, GSK
Bob Middien, Commercial Insights and Operations, Shire Pharmaceuticals
Mani Sethi, ZS Associates
Karthik Sourirajan, ZS Associates