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Data Strategy Lead
Posting Date:10-30-2017
Closing Date:12-30-2017
AstraZeneca 10-30-2017 12-30-2017
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Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics
Posting Date:10-27-2017
Closing Date:12-27-2017
Lundbeck 10-27-2017 12-27-2017
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Associate Director Secondary Data Analytics
Posting Date:10-17-2017
Closing Date:12-17-2017
Bayer 10-17-2017 12-17-2017
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Oncology Business Insight Manager/ Leader
Posting Date:10-16-2017
Closing Date:12-16-2017
AstraZeneca 10-16-2017 12-16-2017
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Associate Director, Product Analytics for Cardiovascular
Posting Date:10-16-2017
Closing Date:12-16-2017
Novartis 10-16-2017 12-16-2017
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Student Recruitment

The Institute for Advanced Analytics at NC State University works closely with numerous organizations faced with real-world analytical challenges. They also work with interested employers to facilitate the recruitment of graduates from our Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) degree program. The Institute shares student resumes and posts job openings, as well as arranges on-campus recruitment opportunities as a free service to employers.
Contact April Wilson, NC State University Career Services Coordinator, at alwilson@ncsu.edu for information about their internal placement process and timelines, including opportunities to make recruiting presentations to graduate students and conduct job interviews on location.