2010 Annual Conference

Margaret Seaman, Program Committee Lead

PMSA Annual Conference - May 2-5, Westin Savannah Harbor, Savannah, GA


Registration for the 2010 Annual Conference will begin mid-February.  This year’s annual conference theme will be {team, please fill in this area}.  We’re fortunate to have Jeanne Scott, leading healthcare lobbyist, among our guest speakers.  Jeanne’s biography, as can be found on her website, is listed below:


Jeanne Scott has been one of the nation’s leading health care lobbyists for over 30 years.  In addition to her lobbying on behalf of the health care industry.  Currently Ms. Scott is the somewhat irreverent writer, editor and publisher of what she has humbly named theJeanneScottletter, an electronic newsletter, reporting on developments in “health care reform,” that is widely read in many health care circles.   In previous lives, she has been the director of government relations for NDCHealth, the Washington, DC office director and chief lobbyist for the Catholic Health Association in the United States (CHAUSA) and a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Michigan. She served during the first Reagan Administration as counsel to the Health Care Financing Administration, the friendly folks that brought us prospective payment, DRGs and RB-RVS.  She is a veteran “inside-the-beltway Washington DC” lawyer but she is now enjoying the opportunity to get out and see first hand for herself just what a mess those “inside-the-beltway” types have made of the U.S. health care system.


Ms. Scott is a past national chair of the trade group of companies in the health care EDI industry, the Association for Electronic Health Care Transactions (AFEHCT), and has served on the board and executive committee of the Workgroup on Electronic Data Interchange (WEDi), having been one of its officers.  She is one of the founding members of what is now the American Health Lawyers Association. She has written numerous reports and professional journal articles. For eleven years , she wrote a monthly column in the Journal of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and has contributed regular columns for other journals as well. In 2003, she was presented with a plaque, naming her "Grandmother of HIPAA" by AFEHCT, for her work getting the legislation drafted, passed and implemented. She is a frequent and very popular speaker at conferences, seminars and “after dinner.”