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The goal of the PMSA Virtual University is to establish a venue for discussion & collaboration on best practices in analytics, marketing and sales operations.

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Series 6 : Know Your Customer: Learn How You Can Leverage Data Insights to Better Know Your Customers Across Commercial, Compliance and Clinical Applications

By leveraging industry-leading sources of provider, member, claims and public records data, life sciences organizations can improve efficiency, anticipate changing market dynamics, and impact health outcomes.

Session 1: The ABCs of IDNs – Systems of Care Case Study
May 3, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Presenter: Theresa Greco and Don DeStefano, LexisNexis Health Care

Today’s health care landscape is comprised of highly complex, layered Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), which has led many life sciences organizations to shift toward account-based sales models. In this webinar, participants will:
  • Explore how the powerful combination of claims intelligence and provider demographic, affiliation and relationship data can help simplify and clarify markets made up of complex IDNs.
  • Hear a case study of how a major pharmaceutical company gained visibility into complex IDNs for a specialized market, resulting from promising capabilities that represent the future of life sciences market penetration strategies.
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Session 2: Global Transparency Reporting
May 17, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Presenter: Theresa Greco and Greg Maynard, LexisNexis Health Care

Given the global footprint of many life sciences organizations, a global transfer of value (TOV) reporting solution that is managed centrally but flexible to support regional and local needs is a must today. In this webinar, participants will explore best practices to consider in a global TOV reporting solution, including:
  • How a highly configurable, hosted system can support the complex data management needs of life sciences organizations
  • How to create consistent and effective transparency policies for global reporting
  • Evaluation of cross-border consent with indirect payments and challenges that exist with cross border transactions
  • How to manage, control and audit cross-border payments most efficiently
  • Optimization resources to navigate global standards for data validation
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Session 3: Leverage Medical Claims Data to Accelerate Clinical Trial Goals and Beyond
Presenter: Don DeStefano and Kelly Sborlini, LexisNexis Health Care
May 31, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

Medical claims are a rich source of intelligence for clinical operations teams to understand therapy areas, increase patient advocacy, drive disease awareness and accelerate clinical trial enrollment. In this webinar, participants will:
  • Explore how medical claims data can help clinical teams communicate more directly with health care providers seeking patients in a specific therapy area and thereby boost clinical trial enrollment.
  • Learn from a case study of how leveraging medical claims helped a pharmaceutical company look for new patients using daily alerts to identify HCPs treating new patients to communicate and educate HCPs about relevant study
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Session 4: Making An Earlier Impact on Health and Outcomes – Why Wait?
June 14, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Presenter: Eric McCulley and Kelly Sborlini, LexisNexis Health Care

Layering in socioeconomic data with insights into the health needs and risk profile of market areas can help life sciences organizations make more informed decisions and optimize resources. With this insight, life sciences organizations can help to improve disease awareness and patient care programs that support HCP and HCOs. In this webinar, participants will:
  • Explore an innovative approach to help better understand and manage health risk
  • Learn how social, economic and environmental factors can impact health conditions and understand how to go beyond claims data for a more comprehensive view of the individual and health risks.
  • Explore Social Determinants of Health and learn how using health attributes and risk scoring can impact health and outcomes
  • Explore the commercial impact to life sciences organizations.
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Series 5: Pharma Quotas

Session 1: Core Approaches to Pharma Quota Setting
Presenter: Erich Sachse, VP Professional Services, Optymyze
Setting accurate and fair quotas can be a key driver of a pharma organization’s ability to execute their sales strategy and maximize sales force productivity. One of the common struggles is identifying the best quota setting methodology. Join our live webinar to learn about common approaches to quota setting, and the advantages they bring when applied to different areas of the Pharmaceutical industry:
  • Acute vs. Chronic treatments
  • Product lifecycle (Launch vs. Mature)
  • Seasonality
  • First-in-class vs. Established market
  • Account-based vs. Prescriber-based
  • Payer influences

Session 2: How to Leverage Advanced Data Sets in Pharma Quota Setting
Presenters: Erich Sachse, VP Professional Services, Optymyze and Dan Stewart, Manager, Optymyze
The second session in the series will focus on how to go beyond sales data, using some of the advanced data sets and insights that are available to us in some markets as we look to enhance the quota setting process. Join our live webinar to learn how to leverage advanced data sets to build on basic quota methodologies, including:
  • Formulary data
  • APLD patient insights (claims, diagnostics)
  • Demographic data sets
  • DTC media spend and other non-personal promotion
  • Promotional response models and target lists
  • Predictive analytics
NOTE: Presentation will be data vendor-agnostic, as we believe that methodology should be independent of the specific data source

Session 3: Best Practices for Ongoing Management of Quotas
Presenters: Erich Sachse, VP Professional Services, Optymyze, and Justin Lucas, Senior Consultant, Optymyze
The third session will focus on the ongoing assessment and management of quotas. After setting quotas, when and how do you adjust them to make sure they stay aligned with your strategy?

In addition, we will review how to keep quotas fair as customers move, payer coverage changes, or other changes occur in the local landscape. We’ll also review how to know if your quota methodology is working, so you know when to change.

Join our live webinar to learn the best practices for ongoing management and assessment of quotas  and how to leverage those insights in real time to increase sales productivity.

Session 4: Quotas and Incentive Compensation
Presented: Erich Sachse and Bhavik Gandecha, Optymyze
The fourth session will focus on the linkage between quota setting and incentive compensation plan design. Although these processes are often managed separately, the accuracy and strategy of quotas needs to be taken into account when designing an effective incentive plan.

In this session, participants will learn:
  • How to determine the appropriate threshold, accelerators, and excellence points for your quota plan
  • Innovative techniques to prospectively model plans using simulations and future-looking performance
  • Whether different plans or curves are needed for differently sized territories
  • Mechanisms to ensure that fairness in quota setting cascades through to fairness in incentive plans
View this webinar to learn best practices for ensuring your quota process and compensation plan design are working together to motivate and reward your sales force!

Series 4: New Perspectives on Secondary Data

Session 1: Inference, Visualization and Dashboards from Claims and EHR
Presenter: Brigham Hyde, PhD, Chief Data Officer and SVP of Analytics, Decision Resources Group
This session will focus on the potential and pitfalls of leveraging claims and EHR data to map patient journeys and track outcomes of various treatment approaches. We will walk through methods of extrapolation and data correction, as well as visualizing results through tableau for greatest impact.

Session 2: Integrated Networks and Local Opinion Leaders
Presenter: Peter DeWan, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development, Decision Resources Group
A long history of research has shown that prescribing decisions are most affected by local opinion leaders, i.e. physicians who may not be the most prominent national experts, but have close ties to local practitioners. Using patient-level claims data, publications, organization memberships and other research activities provides a complete picture of the relationships between local clinicians and local experts. This enables teams to choose the best possible expert to influence a particular identified community of clinicians and to suggest attendees for events that are both clinically influential and have trusting relationships with the expert.

Session 3: Predicting Payer Reimbursement and Policy Decisions
Presenter: Brigham Hyde, PhD, Chief Data Officer and SVP of Analytics, Decision Resources Group
In this module, we will look at pre-launch extrapolation of clinical trial results to predict the timing and type of action payers will enforce on formulary and medical benefit. We will validate methods leveraging a recently launched drug, and express findings through the top 50 national payers.

Session 4: Affiliation Structure and Institutional Control Over Prescribers
Presenter: Peter DeWan, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development, Decision Resources Group
Using affiliations data assembled from both primary and secondary sources provides illumination of the multiple institutional contexts physicians work in, including both provider groups and ACO’s. In combination with claims data showing prescribing, it is useful to determine the degree to which a physician’s prescribing is determined by their institutional affiliations and which ones are most powerful. This enables teams to determine where resources are best spent – targeting the individual physician, or focusing efforts on the provider organization.

Series 3: Data and Analysis: The Data Zoo and the Secret Sauce

Session 1: The Data Zoo
Presenter: JP Tsang, Bayser
The aim of this session is to present the richness of data options at our disposal today. We'll present a whole zoo of data sources that are available for analysis. They include physician-level data, hospital-level data, insurance claims data, EMR, PLD/EMR hybrids, registries, affiliation data, IDN/ACO hierarchy data, lab data, profile data, bridges, crosswalks, keyword search data, and more. As we all know, data is only a means to an end and the end is to answer a specific business question. To drive this point home and also to provide a different perspective on databases, we'll discuss a few case studies where the goal is to identify the most compelling data sources for a given business question. In some cases, the answer may be a not-so-intuitive combination of databases.

Session 2: Analysis - The Secret Sauce
Presenter: JP Tsang, Bayser
This session starts off with the premise that the data asset is fraught with mistakes, holes, and incomplete information. We'll first discuss curation techniques to enhance the quality of data, then scaffolding techniques to fill in missing information. We'll also cover translation, a process that converts a high-level description of the business question into technical specifications that can readily be encoded in a computer program. We'll conclude with a discussion on the role of expectations. Without a doubt, expectations are essential to mindful analysis. How many times has our hunch told us that what was touted as the answer just did not make sense and thanks to our pushback, the mistake was spotted, corrected, and the analysis steered back on course? The key to good hunches is lots of information and nimbleness at connecting the dots.

Series 2: Sales Planning & Operations

Session 1: Promotion Response Modeling
Presenters: David Wood, PhD and Rajnish Kumar
Promotion response modeling (PRM) quantifies the impact of promotional activity on customer behavior (e.g. physician prescribing), and is truly foundational to applied management sciences in sales and marketing. Questions to be covered in this session include: What is Promotion Response Modeling? What are the benefits? What are the building blocks to do promotion response modelling? What decisions are involved? What does it look like?

Session 2:  Sales Force Sizing & Portfolio Optimization
Presenters: David Wood, PhD and Rajnish Kumar
This webinar describes the various approaches to determining the best sales force size, and situations when it is appropriate to use a given method. We will also explore portfolio optimization and scenario analysis. Building on the first webinar, questions covered will include: What are the building blocks? What decisions are involved? What does it look like? And of course, what are the lessons learned?

Session 3:  Territory Alignments & People Placement
Presenters: Charlie Thompson and Nitin Sethi
Territory alignment is one of the first tactical steps in implementing a chosen sales force strategy, where sales force structure and geographic resource allocation decisions are set into reality. More importantly, a well-executed alignment process enables sales leadership to embed the intended strategy as communication and change management cascades through the sales organization. Questions covered will include: What does a territory realignment process look like? What decisions are involved? Which techniques and tools are used? The wrap up will include lessons learned.

Session 4:  Targeting & Call Planning
Presenters: Chet Baboor and Vineet Rathi
The webinar series continues by exploring tactical targeting and call planning. In today’s tough environment (“doing more with less”, shrinking sales forces, reduced physician access, influence migrating from physician to system/payer contracts, etc.), we see pharma companies using ALL available resources (process, analytics, data sources, field input, etc.) to enhance targeting and call planning processes. Questions covered will include: What are the benefits of call planning? What are typical analytical approaches and techniques? What decisions are involved? How to we reconcile conflicting stakeholder priorities (marketing – sales; HQ – field)? What does it look like? What have we learned?

Session 5:  Incentive Compensation
Presenters: Asheesh Sharma, Erik Christianson, and Peter Koniaris
The webinar series wraps up with an overview on incentive compensation (IC). Where to begin... how to end (on time) … we could discuss incentives for a week! Questions covered will include: Why do we spend so much time and effort on incentives? What are typical IC plan types? What do they look like? What are the emerging trends? And finally, what lessons have we learned?

Series 1: Data Training
Presenter: Laura Jenkins Jirele

Session 1:  Learn About Core Pharmaceutical Datasets: Retail and Non-Retail
This initial session is intended to provide a foundational knowledge of the current data resources available and utilized by Pharma companies.  While the intent is to provide a cross sectional view, we will focus on how sales, sales operations and commercial analytics utilize traditional retail, mail-order and non-retail data.  The audience that will most benefit from this initial session will be new to Pharma and those who may not have been exposed to the use of these data in prior roles.

Session 2:  Dig Deeper into Analytics with APLD, EMR, and Specialty Data 
This second session expands the discussion to the use of claims, patient, medical and specialty data.  These resources provide Pharma more insights on the continuum of care, treatment patterns and the influences that affect them.  Analytics with these sources can be complex and use of these data requires a deeper understanding of both the source but more importantly the true insight required.  The audience that will benefit from this session will be those who may have a base knowledge of Pharma data, but may not be as familiar with the more complex or enhanced data resources and analytics.

Session 3:  The World of Big Data From the Evolving Digital World
This builds on the base knowledge of Pharma data with the expansion of sourcing and analytics outside the traditional secondary data resources.  Social media, digital and other types of information available are accessed differently and require a more evolved understanding of Big data, cloud-based sourcing and analytics.  The audience most benefited by this session will be more senior marketing and sales executives, data scientists, and methodologists.

Session 4:  Understanding Data Behind the Complex New World of Health Care Involving IDNs and ACOs
This final session is more a discussion of the influences and transformations that continue to occur in Healthcare and affect the manner with which Pharma views and utilizes data.  The healthcare infrastructure and influencers are changing to adapt to economic trends, government mandates and manufacturer portfolio transformations.  Navigating these changes is not straight forward, and balancing budget, resources and strategy requires a broader and deeper understanding of current and future influencers.

Presenter Bios

Chetan Baboor , Sr. Director, Axtria Inc., has more than a decade of experience spread across Sales Strategy Implementation, Product Management, Forecasting, Marketing analytics and effectiveness, Market Research, Technology Solutions for Sales and Marketing Operations. Chet has managed key accounts and initiatives interacting with executive management of top companies to improve their sales force strategic planning, implementation and brand market research to support product management. Chet has designed and implemented new selling models for top Pharma companies to better adapt to changing market dynamics. He has entrepreneurial experience with a startup company in sports analytics. Prior to that he worked with marketRx from 2004 to 2010 primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, sales & marketing analytics and consulting. He has delivered on multiple call planning and alignment projects for sales force ranging from 10 - 10,000. Chet has an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird, School of Global Management, in Glendale, AZ and a Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Erik Christianson has over ten years of experience working in the Life Sciences industry in marketing analytics and commercial effectiveness services. He began his career at IMS Health working in the DDD database quality assurance group. He then worked at ImpactRx supporting brand teams with marketing analytics solutions. While at ImpactRx, Erik worked closely with large pharmaceutical companies analyzing sales effectiveness, messaging, and promotion response modeling. In addition, he provided value add services leveraging business intelligence platforms to create custom analytics using longitudinal promotion and treatment datasets.

Don DeStefano is the Vice President of Business Development, and is responsible for the overall performance of the LexisNexis claims-based solutions.

Don has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry, spanning roles in market research, sales, and account management. At LexisNexis, Don has responsibilities for business development and account management. He works with pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, as well as other health care-related organizations, to provide strategic consulting and information solutions to sales, commercial operations, and marketing, across the full range of LexisNexis Market Intelligence solutions.

Prior to joining LexisNexis, Don was Sales Director at IMS Health, one of the world’s largest data and information companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. In this role, he supported numerous clients across multiple segments, including pharmaceutical and biotech companies, ad agencies, government agencies, consulting firms, and other health care-related organizations.

Don holds a BS in Business from Stockton University, and an MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing from St. Joseph’s University.

Peter DeWan completed his PhD in Sociology at Harvard University in 2008. His research focused on two broad areas – integration of immigrant Muslims in western societies and social network analysis. His dissertation explored the formation of status reference groups and determined the degree to which different groups contributed to mortality and other measures of health. He also developed substantial expertise in statistical modeling and causal reasoning. He was employed by the European Union Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia, where he completed various research and publication projects on immigrants in European societies. After graduation, he was a founder of Activate Networks, a company formed to commercialize social network insights developed at Harvard. He also maintained an appointment as a fellow at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard. While at Activate Networks, he researched and productized new network-informed approaches to targeting populations for behavior change, particularly networks of physicians. In 2015, Activate Networks was acquired by Decision Resources Group, where Peter is Vice President of Research and Development. Along with regular commercial responsibilities, he is currently working on estimating the various institutional and clinical influences on physician prescribing decisions.

Theresa Greco, is Vice President, Life Sciences, at LexisNexis. With over 20 years in healthcare and information services, Theresa has been fulfilling key executive roles in general management, business development, and product strategy and development. She leads LexisNexis Life Sciences organization which combines analytics and technology built around core data assets including Medical Claims, Socioeconomic and Reference data to solve industry challenges in clinical, commercial and compliance solutions.

Brigham Hyde, PhD, is the Chief Data Officer and SVP of Analytics at Decision Resources Group where he leads client direct data analytics for Life Sciences. Brigham Joined DRG as part of the acquisition of Relay Technology Management in January 2014. As CEO and co-founder of Relay Technology Management he developed proprietary analytics software and data aggregation tools. Dr. Hyde has over 10 years life science experience and prior to founding Relay Technology Management was an equity research analyst in Medical Technology and Life Science Tools at Cowen & Co. in Boston. Dr. Hyde brings knowledge both of basic science research and drug development operations. He has conducted research in mitochondrial pharmacology and biology in the context of anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, and type II diabetes. Dr.Hyde received his Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacology from the Tufts University School of Medicine, where he is currently an adjunct professor of Pharmacology and experimental therapeutics.

Known in the industry as the “Duchess of Dirt”, Laura Jenkins Jirele has built her career on her passion for data and analytics to promote cross-functional effectiveness and comprehensive knowledge in answer the big business questions. Her motto is “People ignore their dirt (data), until their grass doesn’t grow.” She strives to ensure the right data is matched to the right analytic to meet the business objective. Her mission is to educate and change the industry’s data perspective with innovative analytics.

She recently joined Medicx Media Solutions as Vice President of Insights and Analytics, Laura is focused on innovating data, analytics and insights beyond the norm. With the evolution of media and its impact on the data landscape, the expectation needs to be on gaining new perspectives with analytics and a holistic understanding the true potential. Her goal is to move the industry standard from static to dynamic mind-set with leveraging structured, unstructured, legacy and media/digital data.

For the last 18 years, she has trusted collaborations and enhanced insights of data and analytics in Life Sciences, Healthcare and Consumer. Through her 12 years as a data vendor and 5+ in consulting, her focus was for clients to achieve a solid understanding of the business objective and aligning the right resources to address it, whether it’s patient, specialty pharmacy, medical, media, digital, managed care, consumer or financially based.

Prior to Pharma, she began her professional career as satellite software engineering training, programming and building a true respect for data. Moving then for 15 years at Educational testing Service, conducting SAT validity research and achieving a US Patent in Bayesian linkage software, she moved to Pharma, trading test scores for prescriptions, students for patients, professors for physicians and universities for hospitals. She has presented many times at PMSA and helps launch the PMSA Virtual University in 2015. She has a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from St. Lawrence University and graduate studies in Applied Statistics at Rutgers University. When not tackling the poor reputation of data and analytics in Life Sciences, she enjoys time with her family, revolutionary war re-enactments, making wine and traveling.

Peter Koniaris is a Sales Operations subject matter expert for Incentive Compensation, Reporting and Call Planning, with over 13 years of pharmaceutical experience. He started his pharmaceutical career at Bristol-Myers Squibb and has also held Sales Operations leadership positions at Organon and Daiichi Sankyo where he designed motivating Incentive Compensation plans for mature and launch brands. Peter also has experience working with marketing teams to implement brand specific incentive contests to meet strategic initiatives. His experience in reporting and analytics, helped Daiichi Sankyo revamp their manual reporting to a dynamic online sales reporting tool. Before joining Axtria, Peter led Daiichi Sankyo’s call plan efforts, where he streamlined processes and tested many call planning theories with the sales force to help identify best practices.

Rajnish Kumar is a Senior Engagement Manager.   He has over seven years of experience in Sales and Marketing analytics for US pharmaceutical clients.  His role includes doing Business Analytics, Project & Client Management, New Solution Development and Team Management. He has been leading engagements and delivering projects in the space of Campaign management & measurement  and marketing mix optimization across multiple clients.
His last stint was with Cognizant/marketRx, where he was responsible for supporting sales & marketing and operation teams  in promotional planning and execution, managing client relationships, analytics solutions development and service delivery for Life-Sciences & Healthcare clients. He has extensive experience in designing advance analytical solutions for both personal (field based) and non-personal promotional (digital) activity using various analytical tools (SAS etc.) and helping in execution using campaign management tools (UNICA, SAS MA etc.).
Rajnish  completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering  from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Justin Lucas, Senior Consultant, Optymyze, has over 5 years of experience working with clients in the pharmaceutical industry, improving business outcomes related to sales performance and sales force effectiveness.

Greg Maynard, is Director Market Planning, Transparency and Disclosure Compliance Solutions, at LexisNexis. Greg manages the strategic direction of the LexisNexis compliance platform, Expense ManagerTM. Greg is responsible for meeting the needs of the Life Sciences industry with a suite of relevant and innovative compliance solutions. Greg is well versed in both US and Global transparency and disclosure requirements. He understands both business processes and solutions and how they are integrated together to meet the challenging needs of Life Science compliance companies.

Greg has 25 years of experience in Healthcare and Life Sciences space including product ownership, project and program management, business strategy, and the implementation of custom developed software solutions and services. Greg graduated with a BS in Environmental Health from Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

Eric McCulley, is Director Strategic Solutions Consultant at LexisNexis. With nearly 20 years’ experience, Eric started his career in health care as a nurse administrator in cardiology, endocrinology and intensive care for several years. Eric continued to grow his health care industry experience through various sales, marketing and operational leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and biologics industries and health care consulting space. Most recently, Eric has led health care data and analytics solutions within the payer, provider, government, pharmaceutical and life science industries. In his current role, Eric enjoys leading the team of “identity solutions architects” at LexisNexis, with deep subject matter expertise specific to our member and patient identity solutions, including our Social Determinants of Health solutions. Eric graduated from Creighton University in Omaha, NE with a BSN and RN license.

Vineet Rathi , Sr. Director, Axtria Inc., has over 13 years of experience in leading commercial analytics, sales operations and consulting engagements in life sciences domain. At Axtria, Vineet serves as a Senior Director and is focused on delivering Business Operations and Technology solutions for Axtria clients. Vineet’s functional experience includes sales force effectiveness, alignment design, call planning, incentive compensation and reporting across primary care and specialty pharma with focus on both traditional retail customers and emerging customers like integrated delivery networks (IDNs). Vineet has experience in managing PMO for mid-size to large multi-million dollar commercial analytics engagements across top US pharma which also includes supporting major events of commercial model transformation and sales force restructuring. Prior to Axtria, Vineet’s experience includes working at Cognizant (marketRx), Synygy, Infosys and IRIS. Vineet has an MBA from the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India and a Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from G.B. Pant University, India.

Erich Sachse is VP Professional Services at Optymyze. Erich has 16 years of experience leading engagements to assess and transform sales and channel performance for over 80 clients.

Kelly Sborlini is Director, Vertical Markets, Life Sciences, at LexisNexis. Kelly is responsible for the overall strategy for LexisNexis Health Care in Life Sciences. Kelly has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry, with roles in market research, product development and management, and sales. Kelly works with pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, as well as other health care-related organizations, to provide solutions across the full range of LexisNexis health care offerings.

Prior to joining LexisNexis, Kelly was Director, Business Development at Decision Resources where she supported numerous clients across the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Kelly holds a BA in English from Saint Joseph’s University, and an MBA in Health Administration from Temple University.

Nitin Sethi is a Project Leader with Axtria. He has over 7 years of experience in analytics and process improvement across industries such as Pharma, Medical Diagnostics, Healthcare, Retail and Hospitality. During his time at Axtria, he has focused on Sales force deployment and territory Realignment projects. He has successfully led territory realignment engagements ranging in various size /structures from 30 to 800+ Reps. Example projects include:
  • Managed the Territory Re-alignment / upsizing project for the PCP and Specialty sales forces of a large pharma company as a part of their new product launch strategy. Recommended territory design for ~600 territories across the 4 sales forces
  • Executed post-merger integration for a large US based diagnostics services provider including activities such as account merge process, sales force sizing, and territory design and personnel selection. As part of the merger, designed 400 new territories taking into account disruption and territory workload analysis.
  • Provided insights and recommendations on mitigating potential disruption / dislocation resulting from sales force restructuring at a pharmaceutical major based in U.S
Prior to joining Axtria, Nitin has Marketing analytics experience with InterContinental Hotels and consulting experience with PwC. Nitin holds a MBA in Strategy and Decision Science from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School at Atlanta and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Asheesh Sharma has over 15 years of experience in Healthcare, Technology and Business Consulting, mostly focused on execution of large scale processes and advanced analytics. He is known in the industry for his passion for excellence, customer satisfaction and innovation.

Previously, Asheesh was the Global Head for the Sales Performance Management line of business with MarketRx and helped top tier companies across industries design, implement and administer motivating incentive plans aligned with corporate and business strategy. Under Asheesh’s leadership the practice grew to serve Top Tier firms (globally over 30,000 reps) with effective cloud computing innovation that pioneered business processes as a service.

Dan Stewart, Manager, Optymyze, develops and implements innovative solutions across multiple business functions for global companies, leveraging five years of experience in strategy, management consulting, and sales operations.

Charlie Thompson has 30 years of experience in consulting and financial services, with 20 years largely focused on life sciences. As a Principal at Axtria, Charlie leads the Global Sales Deployment Practice and helps clients transform their sales / sales ops organizations to be more nimble. He is particularly passionate about helping clients migrate their sales processes to the cloud via Axtria SalesIQTM. Previously, Charlie was a Principal with marketRx where he launched the firm’s territory alignment practice, led major client organization transformations, and created innovative ‘process as service’ solutions.

Prior to marketRx, he was a management consultant with ZS Associates, TowersPerrin and NDCHealth helping Fortune 1000 firms accelerate profitable growth. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Georgia Tech and Emory on sales, marketing, life sciences, and entrepreneurship.

Charlie attended Princeton University and has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern.

Jean-Patrick Tsang is the Founder and President of Bayser, a Chicago-based consulting firm dedicated to pharmaceuticals sales and marketing. JP is an expert in patient-level data and related analyses ranging from longitudinal analyses to hospital-retail spillover, KOL identification, influence mapping, referral networks, molecular targeting, promotion response, and the like. JP is also an expert in specialty pharma and has worked on numerous specialty pharma projects. JP publishes and talks on a regular basis and runs one-day tutorials several times a year. In a previous life, JP deployed Artificial Intelligence to automate the design of payloads for satellites, methaners, ethaners, and cruise-liners. JP earned a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Grenoble University and an MBA from INSEAD in France. He can be reached at (847) 920-1000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bhavik Gandecha, Consultant, Optymyze
Bhavik works with clients in pharmaceuticals and other industries to improve business outcomes and sales effectiveness solutions. Prior to joining Optymyze, Bhavik worked for IMS Health, and he holds a BS in Math from UCLA.

David Wood, PhD brings more than 35 years of experience in mathematical modeling of business problems, with over 20 years in sales and marketing analysis for Life Sciences companies.   At Axtria, David serves as a Senior Principal, with emphasis on projects in mathematical modeling of sales operations and multi-channel promotion analysis.
Prior to Axtria, he was a Sr. Vice President at marketRx, where he did significant work in all forms of sales and marketing optimization in the health care, pharmaceuticals, and managed care industries, with scores of engagements including sales and marketing structure, site location, and multi-channel marketing.    David served as Executive Director for Strategic Planning Consulting at Health Products Research (now part of inVentiv Health).  In addition, David has done substantial work in the development of Yield Management for the commercial airline industry (at Sabre Decision Technologies), and has worked in finance, energy and natural resource economics issues.   
David holds a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in Operations Research.